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Patsy Rodenburg: Why I do theater

I watched a clip from website http://www.ted.com/talks/patsy_rodenburg_why_i_do_theater.html, and it was very touching. As a matter of fact, Ms. Rodenburg passion fueled my passion of understanding from her perspective. I was able to see the picture she was painting as if I was walking in her shoes. She talked about how actors and actresses play an important role in society and how we really can't go without their hard work. She touched on matters of the audience disliking certain actors/actresses in their perceived roles. The main reason they disliked the actors/actresses was because it reminded them of a hurtful past and trying time in their life. The ability to relate to the real life situations hardened their heart towards liking the actress or actor, conveying the opportunity to deal and face the troubling time of one's past or present. In essence their hard work is socially paid off because people watching are relating to their roles and recognizes the effect and work that goes into triumph. Some people do not like to relive such experiences, mirroring a post traumatic stress disorder, but I believe everyone has some portion of this syndrome. Sometimes, it is important not to escape the hurt in your life and watching such entertaining roles can persuade you to deal with it or look at the situation eye to eye.

Actors/actresses mirrors life, the ins and the outs, the good and the bad, the dreams and the real. We actually do become one as an audience and role player. Even the one playing the roles can relate to the real life situations because they themselves have indicated such feelings.

In the clip, Ms. Rodenburg touched on her chance to speak on a radio show, in which she was defending actors and the host was the supposed antagonist. At the end of the show, the host thanked Ms. Rodenburg for defending the actors/actresses because when the host's son died, the only ones by her side aiding support were the very ones she was bashing, the role players.

Her passion-driven speech has inspired me to make sure I produce quality music and entertainment that people can relate to. That is one of the main reasons why I want to publish a poetry book. I have any feelings I'd like to share and I know that there are many people out there who have felt or feeling the same, and really have not used a therapeutic outlet to pursue happiness. The main obejective is that one must believe that it's going to get better, maybe not on your timed schedule, but in due time, everyone season's due.

Thank you for the actors and actresses all around because you help keep hope alive and you help real feelings maintain a heartbeat.

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